EPISODE 07 : Transforming Data to Insight to Action at Scale

EPISODE 07 2:02 mins

Transforming Data to Insight to Action at Scale

May 18, 2021

Podcast Summary

[Micro Podcast] What differentiates best-of-breed CS teams from the rest is their ability to transform massive amounts of data to intelligent insights to meaningful action at scale.


It’s more the intelligence and the insights, like you mentioned, uh, which are the true enablers for the CSMs and the CS community. And not necessarily, uh, you know this ocean of data, which they have access to, you know, so the variety is so much and the volume is so much on average. If you’re handling you know 100 odd customers or 50, anywhere between 50 customers, five, six stakeholders per account, uh, it’s a mind-boggling amount of just touch point data, and now you correlate it with financial data, the product usage data matrix.

If it’s not possible for, I think a CSM to see through always, if it were only one account you’d be in complete control and you would know everything across all of these data points at scale, it’s not possible. So whilst the data is the enabler, I think true driver for the CSM is what insights you provide them with, uh, and the right… You know, type of data at the right time. And then connect that with, uh, you know, a lot of application of that data and insights into what actual, uh, actions they can take really. Part of it can be automated, part of it still has to be manual, but that balancing and optimizing between, you know, the level of insights you’re able to provide leading into the interaction or the action, and then the feedback you back into the data so that you can optimize it is really what, uh, you know… is should be driving, uh, most best of breed, uh, customer success teams.

Okay! I love that. I love that word insights. I think, I think that’s a great word to use here.

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