Unlock the Power of Playbooks for Business Success
Episode 35 1:22 September 21, 2023
Unlock the Power of Playbooks for Business Success

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Tired of SOPs collecting digital dust? Marrying playbooks with KPIs can turn your processes into performance gold.


 A lot of organizations create what they call as the standard operating procedures. Those really are the prescribed sort of plays or the playbooks equivalent, but in a documentation format, you know, how do you actually.. ensure that this is what is being done and this is what is being followed?
You know, when I think about playbooks, I think, you know… as you’ve just said, you know… you… you document a process, you want to make sure it’s implemented, but how do you really know it’s being implemented?
And it seems to me, Playbooks very much lend themselves to connecting the process to the effective monitoring. So, you can select KPIs that directly reflect the expected success of the strategies you’re trying to design into the playbook. So, for example, if a playbook is focusing on improving sales efficiencies, you can then tie that process to the relevant KPIs that could include, for instance, conversion rate, average deal size, or sales cycle length.

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