Unlocking Customer Success: Tools and Platform Secrets You Want to Know!
Episode 51 3:37 February 16, 2024
Unlocking Customer Success: Tools and Platform Secrets You Want to Know!

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Elevate CS Execution with appropriate tool and automation decisions. Harness CS platforms for customer-centric discussions and streamline processes with playbooks. Strengthen your CS Ops to drive excellent customer success.


Shivani Chaturvedi:
looks like playbooks is a useful tool so that’s something maybe seems like important from a CS successful CS strategy in your opinion learning from 2023 and moving into the next year what tools or automation are a must have for a successful customer success strategy point of view.

Prithwi Dasgupta:
yeah I think obviously you know as a CS platform we would propagate uh the CS platform itself as the most fundamental tool and I think there is a reason for that also because it is aggregating a lot of stuff and data and relevant information from multiple different systems so that there is value just in that so if if so I would first put CS tool right up there if a CS tool is not there you still do need to aggregate data you know in whatever fundamental shape or form so whatever tool helps you do that you have to have some sort of customer data aggregated and and shared with a common set of people and resources you know across functions actually so you still need to be able to do that so whether it’s a database whether it’s a portal you have built internally doesn’t matter but even if you’re doing that that’s most fundamental CS tools obviously makes it fairly easy for you to do so that is one the the other part of it is how do you get ahead of the curve now and push and guide the teams as we engage with customers in this different phases for different Matrix right so again we’ll go back to the onboarding example and then we’ll maybe take another examples if you look at onboarding right are you waiting on the people the resources who are participating in on boarding which may be an onboarding manager which may be an trainer which may be an implementation specialist which may be a technical resource which may be a CS resource also and so on and so forth already there potentially there are four or five resources and roles which can participate in an onboarding now how are you enabling them how are you pushing them how are you prescribing to them how are you guiding them that this is what you need to do and this is the best way to achieve your outcome which in this case is reducing onboarding time and reducing onboarding cost let’s say that and increasing onboarding experience how how right so any tool which now allows you to do that some CS tools do some don’t some there are certain tools which work on top of CS tools so whatever it takes for you to be able to provide that the playbooks itself if used well becomes very significant if not anything else you should at least use the playbooks to trigger off certain activities because those activities happening week on week day on day month on month is really what is going to turn your you know fortunes around as you look at your customer base so I would say a CS tool then I would say or a data aggregating tool and then you know whatever keeps your team on their toes and pushes stuff out to them is fundamental in looking at CS automation.

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