What structural changes should organizations be ready for in 2023? - SmartKarrot l Customer Success Software
Episode 28 01:28 May 5, 2023
What structural changes should organizations be ready for in 2023?

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The need of the hour is to hire professionals who can help optimize processes. If they know how to optimize processes, they’ll be more mature and equipped to help you through the rest. Also think if you need to hire any kind of specialized roles to support your current go-to-market strategy


Prithwi (13:09)

If you look at structure first, there are multiple functions at play.. there is sales, there is account management, there is CS, there is onboarding, there is implementation, there is product. What are you seeing or what should be structural changes organizations should be wary of and prepared for, as we look at making this shift.


I recommend actually hiring somebody that could also do your enablement material for the team and could optimize processes. If they know how to optimize processes, they can do all the rest as well. They’ll be more mature and equipped to do that. If you’re like a younger company, start separating roles. So, as you mature, the more specialized roles you’re going to see. So, from onboarding to professional services to support, you know, those are the basic ones.

I think we’re also starting to seeing companies that work with partners, having a partner success management team, they will separate out for the long tail.. they might have some specialized roles as well.. and I think the best thing to do is to kind of think, what is my go-to-market strategy for 2023 and do I need to hire any kind of specialized roles to support that go-to-market strategy?

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Irit Eizips, Chief Customer Officer & CEO, CSM Practice

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