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Episode 23 01:15 April 21, 2023
Why is it important to predict adoption?

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Pay attention to the processes which are impacted by the implementation of your solution. What is the data governance around that and what needs to change? What is the change management required to drive that adoption?



What is adoption and… why is it important to predict adoption?


When we’re talking about user adoption, we’re obviously talking about the adoption of the tool and whether or not your tool is being optimized in terms of usage, et cetera.

But I think in order to drive that user adoption, it’s not just a question of having training on the tool itself. What is really important is to know what it takes outside of that tool in terms of change management to drive that adoption.

What are the processes that you’re using around that tool? And there could be processes which are gonna be impacted by the implementation of the tool. What is the data governance around that and what you need to stop doing that you were doing before in order to make sure that you are optimizing the adoption of your new tool.

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