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How the Client Engagement Manager is Rapidly Becoming a Success Factor for SaaS?

Client Engagement Manager is rapidly becoming essential to SaaS businesses because they directly influence the success of a company.

Jeeviya Natarajan
Jun 1, 2020


The client engagement manager is the pathway to every significant objective of a business. It directly influences all the good aspects of a business, including customer loyalty, customer-based profits, customer purchases, and customer ambassadorship for your company’s brand. Customer engagement is significant because it fosters customer loyalty, valuable customer knowledge, health customer relationships, better communication, commitment to quality and excellent services, and trust to improve the business’s productivity and profitability.  Therefore, customer engagement mangers are rapidly becoming essential to SaaS because they directly influence the success of a company. When you engage your clients, you draw them closer to the brand and increase their emotional attachment to the organization.

Client Engagement Manager

The proven importance of customer engagement has necessitated the rapid growth and significance of the client engagement manager. In SaaS, a client is more like a friend as opposed to acquaintances. The business must stay in close contact with the customers to remain relevant and boost its success.  Research shows that active customer engagement is significant for customer growth. It strengthens and deepens the relationship between brands with the customers. Hence, the client engagement manager is essential in determining the most effective strategies to promote customer engagement.

The engagement manager is vital to the development of customer engagement strategies. While customer engagement may seem easy takes, it requires creativity and innovation. Besides, it needs constant evolution to avoid creating monotony and boredom that may send the customers away. In this view, the customer engagement manager fills the gap by bringing creativity and innovation to the company to ensure that the customers are actively engaged. The engagement manager is responsible for the development of creative and practical strategies that keeps the consumers involved in boosting their loyalty and customer retention rate. The engagement manager, in consultation with the sales team, can help increase the competitiveness of the business through strategies that keep customers engaged and happier, leading to referrals and more customers for your brand.

The engagement manager helps SaaS businesses to develop and foster positive relationships with the customers. Generally, customers place more value on comfort, friendliness, and familiarity. 70% of customers are comfortable making purchases or using services that they perceive to offer friendly treatment. In this view, the engagement manager is essential in ensuring that the business is accommodating and friendly. The client engagement manager improves the relationship between the customers and the company through constant and exciting engagement with the customers. That is, the manager often develops the content and messages that the consumers can find appealing and valuable. For instance, a customer engagement manager can facilitate the development of customized content sent to a consumer based on the expectation of the specific client.

The creation of the systems and mechanism where customers can make their complaints freely is one of the most critical aspects of customer engagement. The role of a customer engagement manager is to ensure that customers are spoken to with real and sympathetic staff regardless of the platform used in making the complaint. The engagement manager is responsible for empowering and nurturing the appropriate skills among other employees to solve problems as they arise. The primary aim is to ensure that the customers receive timely and accurate responses and solutions to the arising problem. Such interventions guarantee that the customers are satisfied and perceive that the company values them. Again, the customer engagement manager utilizes the customer’s complaint data to determine the company’s weaknesses concerning customer engagement and develop interventions to improve them.

It is the role of the engagement manager to help develop a customer-oriented culture.  A customer-oriented culture refers to putting the consumer at the top of everything the company does. The customer engagement manager is responsible for retrieving critical customer data that may facilitate the development of the wants expectations of the client. It is impossible to put the consumer at the top of everything that the firm does without understanding the consumers’ needs and expectations.  Consumer-oriented culture’s success in a company depends on customer interaction to identify their desires and wants. The customer engagement manager, through the creation of a positive relationship with the customers, helps retrieve information that can inform the development of company strategies and services that focus on the customer.

Social media has become one of the best customer engagement platforms.  It is one of the most accessible platforms to blast out the company’s content and message. However, if a company starts using it as an instrument to engage with customers truly, it will be able to leverage any platform to boost brand awareness, customer support, and leads. Engagement is a critical metric of social media use. As a result, the customer engagement customer is essential to ensure that the information of the company is effectively integrated with the specific attributes of the target customers to increase interactions and brand awareness. The engagement manager facilitates the development of social media content that is valuable and exacting to the consumer to boost their interaction in the company’s social media pages.

Customer engagement entails the provision of customer support services to improve their experience and satisfaction. The engagement manager is central in helping consumers concerning the services and products of the company. For instance, the engagement manager may develop content that helps the customers understand how different services or products of the firm works. Whenever customers have difficulty in using a given service or product, they must receive timely assistance from the company. In this case, the engagement manager ensures that such aid is delivered with ease and timely.

Overall, the client engagement manager is central to the success of your business because he or she is responsible for creating positive relationships with customers and boosting customer satisfaction. The roles of engagement managers in your business directly influence the rate of customer retention. Indirectly it impacts the sales and profits of the company. If you want your company to improve your company’s customer experience and satisfaction, it is high time to have a customer engagement manager.

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Originally Published June 1st, 2020, Updated June 1st, 2020


Jeeviya Natarajan

Jeeviya has over 8 years of experience in Customer Success and account management roles in SAAS, Hardware, and service-based companies. She has exposure to driving customer success for Fortune 500 clients globally. Her strength lies in ensuring exceptional customer experience and establishing LTV.

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