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Top 20 Customer Success Consultants in 2021

Check out the top 20 customer success consultants that have shone above the rest and have successfully set an example for the others. Read on to know.

Simran Mohanty
Nov 2, 2020


Customer success consultants are an experienced and established party with a primary objective to serve the customer success niche. The members of the customer success consultation zero in on developing a strong foundation for the domain to dwell and accelerate. They strive to streamline practices behind imbuing customer loyalty. And endeavor a core tactical resource for the organization.

So, who are the top customer success consultants, and what sets them apart? Let us head on to the top 20 of them that have sparkled in the year 2021.

  1. Glide Consulting
  2. Mikael Blaisdell and Associates, Inc.
  3. The CSM Practice
  4. Success Track Enterprise
  5. Infinipoint
  6. The Success League
  7. Customer Success Enablement
  8. CX by Design 
  9. Growth Molecules
  10. N2 Customer Success Consulting
  11. Simple CX
  12. SuccessSight Consulting 
  13. The Customer.Co
  14. The Successful Customer
  15. Virtual Customer Learning 
  16. Success Methods
  17. Knowledge Bird 
  18. The Customer Initiative
  19. Springboard Solutions
  20. Interaction Metrics
Customer Success Consultants
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Glide Consulting

Glide Consulting aims to bring out creative solutions that solve CS-related issues. They firmly believe in a 4P objective that stands for – People, Purpose, Process, and Platform. It was originally founded by CS industry prominent though leader, Nils Vinje.

Mikael Blaisdell and Associates, Inc.

Mikael Blaisdell and Associates have spent over a decade in the customer success space. They design, access, and create efficient customer success resources and believe in long-term viability. As a matter of fact, Mikael Blaisdell himself is the creator of the Customer Success Forum and Customer Success Association on LinkedIn.

The CSM Practice

The CSM Practice is a customer success consulting firm that renders service in the domain. These services aim to augment customer satisfaction and net retention. They do so by offering research and advisory services for SaaS industries. And then help to pull in high-scaled results. Their customer-centric approach automatically improves the CSM ratio as well.

Success Track Enterprise

Success Track Enterprise acts as a catalyst to form a win-win partnership between the clients and the vendor. Based out of Europe, it offers operational consultancy services to the evolving needs of the customer of today. Their framework provides various CS training and mentoring courses too.


Infinipoint is a customer success consultancy that optimizes customer retention and revenue. Its stellar strategies help the client to receive the highest retention. Further, it aims to imbibe value at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

The Success League

The Success League is a CS firm that transforms success from support. It does so by building metrics, processes, and goals to enable the CS teams to achieve their respective best. Also, it develops playbooks for delivering a great customer experience.

Customer Success Enablement

Customer Success Enablement coaches you to execute global best customer retention practices. It helps you to build your customer success vision that leads to incremental business. Further, it spills the secrets as to how a client can achieve his desired outcomes from you.

CX by Design 

CX by Design helps small to medium SaaS startups to design, create, and imbue effective, customized customer experience. This consultancy has come into force over the last two decades and is based out of Canada.

Growth Molecules

Growth Molecules is a customer-centric consultancy that develops and transforms businesses. Some of its vital services include suggesting the CS companies on building a customer base, penning playbooks. And, also focusing on the organizational design perspective as well.

N2 Customer Success Consulting

N2 Customer Success Consulting helps to augment your recurring revenue. Moreover, it guides you to optimize the customer lifecycle journey for operational efficiency and loyalty. It begins by identifying the loopholes if any that fall in the way of the customer journey. And then crafts solutions to eliminate those loopholes.

Simple CX

Simple CX is a consulting firm that believes that your customers deserve nothing less than perfection. It focuses on customer relationships and coaches on how to earn their loyalty. Further, it is data-driven and gives quality a supreme edge over quality. It also asserts that the team is the rider for the company. It being the face, heart, and voice of the company.

SuccessSight Consulting 

SuccessSight is a CS operation consulting firm. It helps to identify account risks and creates customer’s health score. Furthermore, it will help you with renewal management, identifying overage, and pulling churn to a minimal extent.

The Customer.Co

The Customer.Co firm helps the B2B SaaS companies to satisfy, win, and retain clients and will bring. Also, it will tell you myriad ways to steer away from the churn rates. It will describe you as a wholesome way to create successful, and effective customer-focused organizations.

The Successful Customer

The Successful Customer is a management firm that deals with a data-driven approach. Basically, it maximizes the client’s investment in customer success. Moreover, they help you define the business objectives for your company. Also, these objectives enable and execute strategies that trigger revenue growth and supreme financial performance.

Virtual Customer Learning 

Virtual Customer Learning is a firm that believes in customer education as the foundation of customer success. Also, if a customer does not know the way of deriving value from a product, they will most likely not purchase it. That is why educating a customer comes in handy. And is super helpful in enlightening a customer about what is right or wrong.

Success Methods

Success Methods strive to advance the CS profession by incorporating the right coaching and consultation that is designed for generating real impact. Further, it has its own self-study training courses, virtual classroom courses, and customizable one to one coaching services as well.

Knowledge Bird 

Knowledge Bird is a knowledge management platform that accentuates your growth in the CS space. Also, most of the customer support teams find it hard to maintain a central knowledge unit and provide quality self-service. That is when the company’s relevant consulting options help to solve these crises and happily engage your clients.

The Customer Initiative

The Customer Initiative puts forth a customer-centric approach that eventually paves the way to customer loyalty, retention, and better relationships. Further, it coaches on how to burn the churn away. Also, how to convert a nearly churned away customer into a raving fan.

Springboard Solutions

Springboard Solutions help the companies to scale up the growth of customer success. Moreover, it accelerates product adoption and usage and maximizes the customer lifetime value. Additionally, they help you onboard, enable and engage the new as well as current clients.

Interaction Metrics

Interaction Metric is a CS agency that uses science to improve the customer experience. Further, to pinpoint your pain points and missed opportunities. Also, they delve into advanced satisfaction survey strategies and sentiment analysis that guarantees excellence.

Final Thoughts

Further, adding to this list are many companies that deliver management consulting promising perfection. They will be by your side from building, designing, and implementing practices right from scratch. So, why are the second thoughts? Find your right customer success consultant and big goodbye to the unnecessary pressure.

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Originally Published November 2nd, 2020, Updated July 20th, 2021

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