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Why Customer Success Is Crucial for Hypergrowth

Customer success is the secret sauce to hypergrowth. In this blog, you will learn the key strategies and metrics to drive hypergrowth.

Customer Success Is Crucial for Hypergrowth
Customer Success Is Crucial for Hypergrowth

The success stories of companies who have hypergrowth is insane. Sometimes the time and effort put into making that a reality is not noticed. The speed seems unbelievable but that is exactly what is hypergrowth. Customer success means establishing a positive relationship with clients based on their needs that fulfils their goals.

Customer Success for hypergrowth is a secret recipe that has effectively worked for multiple SaaS companies worldwide. Customer success can make a lot of difference in a SaaS company’s user retention. Regardless of the stage of the company, you can scale as per customer success playbooks. As a customer success software company, we have reiterated the benefits of customer success for growth. But, how does customer success actually translate into growth?

How Does Customer Success Translate into Growth?

Customer success is beneficial to users as it will help move closer to company goals. Here are some ways customer success works for hypergrowth.

Increase in Activation

Most SaaS companies look at increasing growth, that’s obvious. However, if these accounts or existing accounts do not become active- you will never move closer to your goals. Inactive accounts do not generate revenue. This is why you need to ensure customers become comfortable with the product. A customer success team will work to identify these pockets of growth and help that happen.

Improves Engagement Opportunities

Being proactive in supporting your customers will help improve the product. By increasing engagement, you can ensure users keep in touch with you. In case of any issues, they will feel free to contact you. This is also helpful in getting their feedback which will help with user experience.

Increases Retention

SaaS companies take retention seriously. To create and establish steady monthly revenue, you need to retain customers. Boosting retention is a priority and only by ensuring that- it is possible to get customer attention and gain their trust.

Increases Upsells

Every customer interaction has potential for value. Expansion revenue methods such as upsells and cross sells will help companies grow on freemium models. An upgrade is a simple push that will go a long way in increasing revenue from customers.

Top Strategies to Hypergrowth via Customer Success

  • Draft a customer success strategy
  • Highlight the benefits of a product instead of features
  • Display outcomes and engage around the product
  • Show the path to achieve quick wins
  • Communicate regularly with customers
  • Enable productive discussions
  • Personalize transactions and communication as much as possible
  • Visualise achievements and milestones
  • Connect through success stories

Activate Hypergrowth through Customer Success

Activation is an important aspect of customer success. To achieve hypergrowth, you need to implement certain strategies to activate customer success.

Habit Formation

Introducing new ways and elements to form habits will help. For example: free additional users, discounts, free content, etc. You need to convince people to continue their journey to see the results. These novelty elements will make users keep in touch.


Your product needs to support customer goals. That will happen only when the support and content is right. Educational content will make customers improve and reach their goals. Live webinars, presentations, and ebooks reduce customer challenges.

Check-in Calls

Offer individual check-in calls to customers as they can be helpful in reaching the goals. Make sure customers are aware of their opportunities to grow. This will help through continuous dialogue.

Adapt as per Need

A product will never be perfect. There is always something that can be improved and dealt with. It is important to deliver which may be left out. Every release feels like a temporary MVP which aims to deliver the customer’s promises.

Key Metrics Driving Customer Success for Hypergrowth

Leveraging customer data is a key metric that is responsible for hypergrowth. Customer feedback needs to be actively incorporated while making a product. This is a pre-cursor for customer success. To get the right feedback, you need to walk in your customer’s shoes. Here are the key metrics that drive hypergrowth.

Lead Velocity Rate

Lead velocity rate is the increase in qualified leads every month. This growth indicates marketing efficiency and high sales.

Monthly Active Users

This measures the number of active users each month. Any growth in MAU indicates the level to which your product is integral to lives.

Net Promoter Score

NPS is an indicator of customer satisfaction. This asks the question- ‘how likely are you to recommend this product or app to others?’.

Average Revenue Per User

This shows how much revenue each user generates each month. This growth makes companies scale faster.

Customer Churn Rate

Customer Churn Rate is the % of customers who stop using your product in a given period of time. A low churn rate indicates a strong product-market fit. A high churn rate shows a low product-market fit.

Monthly Recurring Revenue or MRR

Monthly recurring revenue shows how much revenue a business brings in every month in a normal scenario. This MRR growth helps understand how stable companies are.

Customer Lifetime Value

CLV is the theoretical amount of revenue a single customer will bring in over the entire customer lifecycle. This CLV growth shows how valuable your product is to users.

Customer Acquisition Costs

CAC or customer acquisition costs are the marketing and sales costs required to acquire a single customer. Low CAC means strong word of mouth. High CAC means high overall costs and bad word of mouth.

Bottom Line

Airbnb grew 43,000% by focusing on customers needs, wants, and feedback in 5 years. Incorporating customer satisfaction into the genesis of the product is important. Customer centricity is an important aspect that helps achieve hypergrowth. Customer success for hypergrowth needs a mix of innovation, dedication, customer focus, and support to work. Tools and metrics can help measure how your strategies are performing. Human touch is necessary for any growth- this is a tested customer success tactic. Identify your brand drivers and create communication that is customer focused around it. This will create a customer community that will support you.

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