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The Role of Social Media in Customer Success

Social Media in Customer Success plays a pivotal role. Read on to know how it enhances the conversion rates and renders special benefits to your customers.

Social Media Customer Success

3.5 Billion. Yes, you read that right! That is the number of daily active social media users around the world today. This constitutes almost 45% of the entire population of the globe. The usage of Social Media is ever-increasing and is without a doubt, one of the most sought after online activities globally. With that, Social Media has played an instrumental role in empowering the new-generation customers. Via Social Media, Customer Success can access a world of information and stay alert at their fingertips. So, how does this role impact shaping the Customer Success niche? Read on the blog to get your answers straight.

How to Accelerate Customer Success via Social Media?

Social Media platforms can rev up the engagement quotient in the blink of an eye. That explains why they have been hugely popular as an effective marketing strategy all around. Here is how you can make it right:

Consider AI to enhance Customer Service

A short-cut to take your customer service to a quantum leap is by enabling Artificial Intelligence, AI. Manually, it might take forever and pile up your workload to render service to your customers on phone. Imagine, deploying AI into the system can not only cut down on the bulging cost rates but also augment the accessibility to your brand. Enabling live chat or bots on your Home Page can also reduce the frequency of calls that your representatives have to deal with on an hourly basis. They can seamlessly get their answers right away. You can now automate whenever you wish to and stay on top of the game.

Hail the right Engagement in the right manner

To know how an engagement is put forth, you should place yourselves in the shoes of a customer. Which of their engagement tactics is best-loved by them? One, on the top of the list, would be zero overloads of too many ads or over-the-top mails. This is something that a customer finds brutally annoying. Acclimate to the fact that an endless stream of interactions can affect your social media experience adversely. To ensure stellar customer success, social media is your golden ticket to envelope users with a meaningful engagement. According to a report published by the State of Social Report, these are the percentages of what a customer relates to most on the social front:

meaningful engagement definition on the social front
Source: Buffer

Thrive on mining data and Research

As they say, ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’. On similar tracks, it is always wiser to research what your competitors are doing on their social channels. Remember that your customers are lured to a multitude of attractive brands and offers on the social front. On that note, collecting data and mining the extract can help you gain a better understanding of what should be done, and more importantly what shouldn’t be too. One easy way of finding out is by conducting regular surveys and evaluating how satisfied your customers are with your brand.

Create Customer Rapport with your followers

One major disadvantage with the traditional form of advertising is that you may not create an instant customer rapport that you can build with the help of social media. Simply put, you can connect to your followers and fans much easier and put a face to the names. Interacting with them from time to time and responding to their mentions on your social handles is a great marketing strategy to show them, they are being valued. Here is a statistical glimpse that seconds this thought:

Social media importance to overall marketing strategy
Source: Buffer

Benefits of Social Media in Customer Success

Boosts your Brand Reputation

A customer automatically gets a preference for a brand that has a dominating presence on the social channels that the one that they know nothing about. Interacting with your customers will enable them to see you as an image, rather than just a mere name. This significantly helps in boosting your brand reputation and imbues efficient communication with your audience.

Reduces your monetary expenditure

If you were to promote your brand via any other mediums, it could cut a huge hole in your pocket. But, simply having a strong social media presence and engaging with your customers on a regular basis will in a way advertise your brand and business, thereby leading to more conversions. And doing a promotion on the social front will definitely cost you a lot lesser than the other traditional forms of advertisements.

Saves you a considerable amount of time

Phone calls, letters, and even emails too can consume a ton of your precious time. However, having an engaging social front will let you convey the same message with the click of a button. Now, you can not only communicate faster but also send instant responses (e.g., Facebook messages) to your customers, which will highlight their satisfaction fraction and save you quite a substantial amount of time.

Makes your Fans feel special

It is always nicer to treat the loyal ones with something special. This will keep a check on the churn rates and ensure them a spot-on customer experience as well. Treat your fans and followers by offering them a special promo code, or a discount, or an enticing deal. Who knows, seeing these exclusive benefits can drive more fans and make the existing ones feel more attached to stick around with your brand? And in the long run, they might turn out to become brand advocates too.

That’s a Wrap

Explore all of your social handles to the fullest potential. Do not single out a platform, due to its popularity. Spread your wings to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, and Reddit channels. You never know some of these choices could work wonders for your brand. Though simple, the power of social media to enhance your customer success rate should never be underestimated. In the end, it is all about being mindful of your customer’s needs. And deploying social media to open the interaction jar, has unlocked a new planet of opportunities.

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