Tech-Touch Customer Success: What Is It and How to Do It Right?

Tech-Touch Customer Success: What Is It and How to Do It Right?

Tech-touch customer success solutions are efficient to deliver value and improve customer satisfaction. CSMs can automate their tasks and ward off churn.

Tech-Touch Customer Success
Tech-Touch Customer Success

In the SaaS industry it is known that customers have high expectations. There is increased focus by companies on protecting their customer base and improving outcomes for them. B2B customers prefer a personalized experience and nearly 65 percent of them will leave if you don’t deliver as per their expectations. This puts huge pressure on customer success managers to deliver as per the wish of customer. When the number of customers is high, some customers may suffer from lack of attention. The solution is to create a tech-touch engagement model for customer success. Also known as Automated CSM, the model aims to offer a great experience to customers.

What is Tech-Touch Customer Success?

Tech-touch customer success is when there is very limited human interaction with the customer. These check-ins and interaction is managed by software or automation. This can help customers feel valued. Customers will also know where to go when they face problems and how they should handle them. This is an automated set of processes that is completely technology-driven. There is automated onboarding, adoption, messaging, in-app communication and more. Automation is what improves the customer experience for a low cost.

Key Features of Tech-Touch Customer Success Solutions

  • Better usage of CSM and Customer time
  • Deliver better communication
  • Enable scaling of enterprises
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Offer self-sufficient solutions

Tech touch customer success focuses on providing value to customers keeping scalability and cost in mind.

How Tech-Touch Customer Success Works

Tech-touch customer success is goal-oriented and data-driven. It focuses on turning customer data into meaningful customer interactions that offer value. A tech touch strategy is one that is measurable, scalable, and increases customer retention. The main point is every customer touch is impacted through communication and contact. This creates a brand identity. Digital tech solutions are the key in customer success efforts. Tech touch works to impact various aspects of customer success efforts.

Customer success skills: Customer success teams to monitor, interpret and learn based on customer data. Through automated campaigns, it will become easier to find red flags and learn.

Customer success processes: Marketing strategies, campaigns, and processes will be standardized for better engagement.

Customer success roles: Here, team members can act on clear roles and responsibilities across the portfolio.

Customer success technology: In this segment, usage data, customer success metrics and tools are automated.

Advantages of Tech-Touch in Customer Success

Customer success tech touch aims to drive growth and deliver value. There are some advantages of using tech touch solutions.

Manage CSM time Better

With automation, you cannot deny that life has become simpler. Tech touch customer success solutions ensure teams engage with customers in a timely manner. This ensures that customers achieve what they signed up for. There is maximum ROI. For example: Instead of sending a confirmation message every time, if it gets automated. This saves a lot of the CSMs time and effort. They can concentrate on higher priority tasks and complex accounts.

Enable Scaling of Enterprises

Leveraging customer data will help CSMs offer proactive, personalized value. This will help scale the business. Since aspects like health score, contract value, feedback forms, stage in customer journey and such metrics are available, CSMs can be responsive. This will also help your CS team grow quickly.

Deliver Relevant Communication

Tech-touch also allows for better segmentation. Since the basis for tech touch is data, customers are easily segmented. This allows for better communication and hence value. Customer segmentation helps CS teams drive targeted communication that can encourage product use and make customer expansion more effective.

Improve Customer Relationships

Tech touch customer success solutions improve customer relationships. Since the communication is targeted and automated, chances of unnecessary and spammy communication is less. The communication is more direct and made for growth of customer satisfaction. This can be seen in the no-nonsense emails that customers love.

Offer Self-sufficient solutions to Customers

A tech touch approach empowers customers to serve themselves. They can derive value from the product without a lot of assistance. This includes help in the form of product materials, webinars, networks, and others. Clear support channels can help customers feel empowered to help themselves and reach out when they need help.

Best Practices in Tech-Touch Customer Success

In any practice, it is not new to become distracted. To avoid that, you need to have some best practices that will help you. When you are into tech touch, these are a given, must-have for a SaaS business. This is a quick checklist of the best practices you need to automate your business. Here are some must-do best practices.

  • A knowledge base of curated content is a must. This includes frequently asked questions and other information you can list down. Some product instructions, training certification and accreditations can be helpful. This can save a lot of the CSM time.
  • Automated customer satisfaction surveys can help get customer sentiment. You can understand customer happiness and get their feedback.
  • Monthly emails or newsletters with recommendations, best practices, updates, and motivation can keep customers engaged. This can be automated.
  • Automated communication urging customers to complete their tasks or meet targets. This can be a simple reminder or an elaborate mail so that customers reach goals. For example: Asking customers to finish a task by a stipulated time. This can be automated.

Bottom Line

A tech-touch customer success strategy needs to add value to customers. It must not be a simple replacement or alternative. It needs to add value to build a relationship. Automating KPIs, common problems from tickets, agreements, necessary weekly motivation, product updates and more can help amplify the impact. So, by gathering data, you can segment customers better and benefit from automation exercises. Through this, you can also personalize your efforts to customers. So the journey to being tech-touch and efficient is by concentrating customer data with customer communication that focuses on customer satisfaction.

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