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Top 10 Customer Success Podcasts

The top 10 customer success podcasts list can help individuals and organizations increase product adoption, reduce churn, and customer success.

Prithwi Dasgupta
Apr 15, 2020


Through this list of the top 10 customer success podcasts; individuals and organizations can hear from all levels of customer success practitioners and customer experience leaders about the common practices, trends, and more to help increase product adoption, churn management, customer success management strategies, etc.

The biggest challenge for a subscription-based business is around customer retention. Their aim is to increase the overall lifetime value of the customers by improving their customer experience.


Also, helping customers achieve their desired outcomes is among the main objectives that can be addressed by learning from the pros, the experts, the experienced individuals from the real world. Here is a list of the top customer success podcasts:


by Andrew Michael

customer success podcasts

Andrew was tired of hearing stories about some magical silver bullet that solved churn for company X. So, he launched which is a podcast for the subscription economy pros to learn how the world’s fastest-growing companies are tackling churn and using retention to fuel their growth.

#2 Churn it Up!

by Aly Mahan

Customer Success podcasts

Churn it up! is a podcast that provides tips and tricks from the best in customer success. It’s perfect for anyone working on the frontlines of customer success and for account managers in any SaaS organization. As their slogan goes — this is all CS, no BS!


by Adam Joseph

Customer Success Conversations are a series of podcasts hosted by the founder of, Adam Joseph. On each podcast he is joined by Customer Success executives from all levels who discuss trends that will shape Customer Success in the future.

#4 Customer Bliss

by Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss runs the one Customer Experience Podcast You Can’t Afford To Miss! “Real world, straight talk, and realistic ideas from Customer Experience Leaders around the world.”

#5 The Jasons Take On…

by Jason Whitehead & Jason Noble

The “Jasons Take On” webinar and podcast series offers fast-paced, insightful, and unplugged conversations with two leading “Jasons” in customer success. Each month they explore a new topic of interest in Customer Success.

#6 Value Realized

by Customer Success Podcast

customer success podcast

In this Customer Success Podcast, Nate Fiedler gathers perspectives from various thought leaders who help shape tomorrow’s strategies and tactics. Value Realized provides great examples on how different professions can deliver more value to their customers.

#7 Helping Sells Radio

by Bill Cushard & Sarah E. Brown

The hosts of Helping Sells Radio talk with different experts each week about software adoption, customer success and more. It is perfect for anyone who is looking for insider tips on how to grow their software business using “strategic generosity”.

#8 Practical CSM

by Rick Adams

Rick Adams uses this podcast to enable CSMs of all experience levels to perform their role to a consistently high quality. One can stream any of the podcasts or download them in MP3 format to listen at leisure.

#9 Experience This!

by Joey Coleman & Dan Gingiss

Experience This! is a podcast where you’ll find inspiring examples of customer experience, great stories of customer service, and tips on how to make your customers love you even more.

#10 Customer Strategy Podcast

by Nils Vinje

Nils Vinje brings on leaders from many different companies to hear how they approach their customer strategy and then he helps each one maximize their efforts. He uses his tried and tested method to coach each participant toward a stronger, healthier customer strategy.

Subscribe to these insightful conversations and let us know if you feel we missed out any on this customer success podcasts list and feel free to download these top 10 customer success podcasts list.

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Originally Published April 15th, 2020, Updated June 22nd, 2020

Prithwi Dasgupta

Prithwi is passionate about customer retention. He has over 20 years of experience in creating profitable book of businesses and building performing teams and functions. In his prior role, Prithwi led his business unit to grow thirty-fold with revenue nearing $60M.

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