How to Leverage Account Intelligence to Drive Customer Success

How to Leverage Account Intelligence to Drive Customer Success

While many companies have realized the importance of customer success, achieving it is still being explored. A key aspect that dictates the essence, plan, and strategy of customer success (CS) is customer data. Accessing meaningful data points that can give insights on the customer journey can be


While many companies have realized the importance of customer success, achieving it is still being explored. A key aspect that dictates the essence, plan, and strategy of customer success (CS) is customer data. Accessing meaningful data points that can give insights on the customer journey can be difficult. When you do not capture these data points, it is easy to miss opportunities. These opportunities will help understand customers’ behaviour patterns effectively.

The Opportunity for Customer Success Managers and Leaders

Customer success managers (CSM) efficiently look to keep the customers, in the simplest manner. A good way any customer success manager can effectively tap into customers’ usage is through some smart tactics.

A smart, yet powerful tactic for customer success managers is through tapping customer account intelligence. Account intelligence can help B2B SaaS companies and CS teams get better at their customer operations. Everything a customer success manager needs to improve customer operations is served on a platter. Everything a customer does is tracked leaving less scope for information to skip through cracks. With the account intelligence feature, it is possible for companies to get their customer data in a seamless manner.

Account Intelligence: Go from Reactive to Proactive

Usually, customer success teams react to warning signals to prevent churn. Due to the lack of the right tools and technology, they may not be able to address issues of customer churn. Real-time alerts or account intelligence will help customer success managers understand the momentum of their clients.

Well-structured strategic real-time alerts will help customers success managers and leaders handle any situation arises. This proactiveness for customer success teams will help them manage high-priority customer behaviour and understand the outcomes.

Companies or customer success teams can get the following benefits:

  • Save time on procuring customer data
  • Be more predictive in tracking customer movements
  • Reduce effort in managing customers
  • Easily identify customers at risk
  • Keep everyone in the company on loop

The SmartKarrot Advantage: Core Account Intelligence Simplified

The idea behind the SmartKarrot account intelligence feature is to simplify operations for customer success managers and drive efficacy. A CSM usually handles between 100-250 (or) $1 Million revenue. Each customer account has a different buyer persona, goals or targets, or nature of business.

With account intelligence, a customer success leader or manager gets customer insights that will help reduce churn, identify risks, and increase revenue.

SmartKarrot real-time alerts feature - account intelligence alerts
Screengrab of the SmartKarrot real-time alerts feature

With SmartKarrot’s customer success and management software, you can get alerted for 20+ actions in the customer environment. You can be more attentive to customer needs and track their movements. Instead of shuffling to manage accounts, you can tap into their account intelligence to help them succeed better.

Benefits of SmartKarrot’s customer account intelligence alerts

Customizable alerts

Alerts can be customized as per CSM’s preferences. CSM’s can choose what they want to be notified for. If a specific account has an ongoing internal issue, CS teams can choose to be alerted on SMS or mail for user behaviour.

Customizable frequency

They can also choose the frequency to trigger the alert and specify the event with the time. It can be weekly, daily, or monthly as per requirement.

Filter Alerts

Alerts can be filtered. You can set a frequency to collate all information at one time. CS teams can reduce spam in emails by setting time and day to reduce friction. This way the account intelligence is not lost in translation as spam.

Growth opportunities

CS teams can know the most frequent or least frequent occurrences of all the alerts at a single platform. This will give a high-level idea about the complete account health and help spot the scope for growth.

Transparency in information

Increase productivity, reduce misunderstandings by making sure all involved team members are aware of all account updates through email or SMS notifications.

Categories of SmartKarrots’ account intelligence alerts

Core KPI’s and metrics

In this segment, revenue trends, churn trends, ARR trends are observed. These can be set as per customer success manager requirements on a monthly or weekly basis. If a customer has seen an increasing trend in revenue, the CS manager who is handling the account will know. CS leaders can also track customers who are continuously on a decreasing trend of churn. This will help create appropriate strategies to arrest churn.

Customer Success Operations or tactical information

This deals with product or service usage. Whether the customer is using the product enough. Are they facing performance issues? Is their license or subscription valid? Has their usage of licenses increased or decreased? Based on these trends and alerts, CS managers can take appropriate action.

Customer Health Score

Understanding the customer health score is important for any CS manager. With SmartKarrot’s real-time alerts, CS managers can know the health scores of their accounts easily. CS teams can know if the customer health score is seeing an increasing trend or is decreasing. There is also a health score band to understand the account health better.

If a customer success manager sees a dip in the health score band, he/she can investigate further as to what caused that. Setting up an alert will give CS teams a signal about the account and encourage the right action.

Product Adoption

For SaaS companies, the focus is on product usage. This is the aspect dealt with in this alert. CS teams can know if product usage has increased or decreased. You can measure customer adoption & trigger alerts for any fluctuations in usage patterns. With this, user engagement and adoption levels can be tracked and improved.

User Behaviour

In this, a CSM gets to know if the customer company has undergone any changes. Role changes, managerial movements, key stakeholder repositioning are some of the aspects CS teams can track.

For each alert, a customer success team member can take various actions. This action means four aspects here-

  • Add a touchpoint to keep it consistent across the team
  • Add tasks personally to prioritize as per the rate of importance or urgency
  • Add an alert for any specific movement they want to keep track of.
Action oriented real-time alerts to drive customer success
Action oriented real-time alerts to drive customer success

These alerts are sent through email and SMS to CS teams or a specific manager. This is the core account intelligence information giving the CSM a clear idea of what they need to target. Priorities are set and CS teams are better aware of accounts that can possibly churn.

How to create an alert

The alert is easy to create. A customer success manager needs to define the action and proceed to create an alert for the same. It is quite simple, accessible, and easy to track.

SmartKarrot Product

First, you need to select the account, mention the type of account intelligence alert and give it a name to trigger a memory. Then you can set the frequency for the alert and choose how you want to be notified.

SmartKarrot Account Intelligence

Bottom line: Potent and Powerful Feature

The account intelligence alerts feature makes customer success easy to manage for companies. With SmartKarrot, you get intelligence that will help you be more attentive and take the early recommended action. Customer success teams are responsible for account health, customer retention, and other tactical information. The customer intelligence alerts module has been designed to assist CS managers to improve their performance and keep the customer.

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