How Does Customer Health Score Management Improve Customer Success in SaaS?

How Does Customer Health Score Management Improve Customer Success in SaaS?

Customer health score management is a must in an intelligent customer success software. In this blog, we look at the different ways customer health score management improves customer success in SaaS with the help of screenshots from the SmartKarrot tool.

Customer Health Score Management Improve Customer Success in SaaS
Customer Health Score Management Improve Customer Success in SaaS

For a B2B SaaS company, a customer may churn anytime, but the premonition and signs would have been there from some time before. This prediction and positioning can happen correctly with the customer health score metric in place. A customer health score predicts whether the customer will stay with the company or churn. The customer health score is a leading metric that helps you understand what your customer is doing and if they could possibly churn. Customer health scores will help arrest churn with the right indicators.

The customer health score is a dynamic metric and plays a critical role. While every company measures customer health scores differently, the best way to do that is with intelligent software. A good customer success tool can help you measure the customer’s engagement with the product and monitor any vital signs. Any warning signs will be communicated rightly, so you have full clarity on how to proceed.

Monitor Customer Health Score

SmartKarrot’s customer health score feature monitors customer health, product adoption, engagement, service segments, relationship health, and ensures proactive dissemination of data.

Customer health score makes it easy for customer success professionals to understand, gauge, and estimate how a certain account or portfolio is performing with respect to retention or churn.

In SmartKarrot’s customer success board- you can view how each customer account is performing against their revenue. This also gives you an idea of their overall health score at the moment.

Account health metrics 1
Account health metrics 2
SmartKarrot platform displaying account health metrics

The board gives you an aggregate of how many customer accounts have a good/moderate/bad health score.

Customer accounts appropriate action
SmartKarrot platform displaying where you can take appropriate action

Once the CSM knows this information, they can take appropriate action. Action can be any initiative taken towards a certain account to increase engagement or communication. In this case, you can add a touchpoint, add a task, create an alert for the same, or associate it with a success play.

Product Success for Customer Health Score

Product success and product adoption are necessary for customer success. With the SmartKarrot customer success tool, you can ensure all customer-related information is at your fingertips. The heat map for product success indicates how the product is being used every day, and by how many people as matched to a health score.

Heatmap of the customer health score feature 1
Heatmap of the customer health score feature 2
The heatmap of the customer health score for every feature

Account Intelligence with Customer Health Score

SmartKarrot’s account intelligence feature helps you track and be aware of significant changes in customer accounts proactively. For multi-product enterprises, this feature is specifically helpful in knowing which product is performing well and why.

Health Score Trends are also deduced on an average basis. Every cycle, you get a health score trend regarding how the customers are behaving toward the product.

Customer health score trend
Customer health score trend

Parameter Health Index

The SmartKarrot platform helps you ascertain how each index is performing on a week-on-week basis. The various parameters include touchpoint index, duration index, account risk rating, product adoption, retention index, support tickets, and NPS index. It is also possible to add a custom index for utilizations, licenses, etc., per customer requirements.  You can check the status of each index, whether the trend is increasing, decreasing, or neutral.

Customer health parameters index
SmartKarrot customer health platform displaying the parameters index

Alerts for Customer Health

Alerts for Customer Health
Alerts for Customer Health

The SmartKarrot dashboard presents all customer accounts in three baskets- strong, moderate, and weak. In this case, there are nine accounts. 6 accounts are in the strong section with 30 alerts. You can even check the ARR value of the account.  You can see 13 alerts in place for accounts with average health scores.

The SmartKarrot platform also displays alerts every time the health score band changes. The ARR value is also available for CSMs to view.

Account health score change alert
Account health score change alert

Customer Universe

In the SmartKarrot platform, the customer universe is a snapshot of all customer accounts matched with their health scores. Customers can be filtered based on phases like steady, onboarding, advocacy, and undefined. The dots are indicators of the health of customers for a particular phase. It is the time period taken into account in a particular phase and their matching health score. The red flag is an indication to complete actions on time. The orange or moderate dots mean the tenure to complete an action has been extended, but not so much. This is still an indicator to speed things up and escalate actions.

Customer universe
SmartKarrot platform displaying the customer universe

You can also check the revenue (ARR) of each account to ascertain profit or loss to the company. This also gives you an idea of how you need to speed up things to reach customer satisfaction levels.

Reporting for Customer Health Score

The reporting feature of customer health score gives you a summary of the account or all accounts based on what you need.

Average health score for all accounts
SmartKarrot platform showing an overall average health score for all accounts

The reports for customer health scores give the customer success manager an idea of the risk involved with each account. Customer behavior for a particular time frame or phase can be noted. The report also gives you the average health score of all accounts. You can also note individual health scores along with their ARR. 

How to Implement the Customer Health Score in the SmartKarrot platform?

In case you think the implementation of customer health scores is tough, you are mistaken. Customer health scores are tracked automatically on the SmartKarrot platform keeping the engagement indices in mind. The customer health score is an action initiator and, when used with other SmartKarrot features like reporting, success plays, etc., can be a powerful tool. The platform can drive success by keeping various phases and milestones in mind.

Final Thoughts

The SmartKarrot customer success platform manages, tracks, and measures customer data to ascertain a health score. The intuitive platform involves the use of augmented intelligence to delve into overall product usage, customer satisfaction levels, renewals, upsells, and customer engagement. The best tools can give you the best results and help you stay ahead of any risks and issues. By knowing the customer health score, you can streamline operations accordingly and reduce churn.

SmartKarrot’s suite of features like touchpoint management, reporting, augmented intelligence, playbooks, and segmentation will help customer success teams enhance their customer success and chart the script for lasting customer relationships.

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