7 Essential Things Missing from Your Customer Success Software

7 Essential Things Missing from Your Customer Success Software

While shopping for your customer success software, take a look at these possible things and if they are missing, never go for that software.

customer success software essentials
customer success software essentials

Ever wondered is there anything that is missing out from your customer success software essentials? 

Just imagine what would happen if you were able to find out that your accounts department was unable to get in-depth information about isolated accounts, accounts managers facing the ordeal of insufficient buy-in to new systems, and broken processes. Merely imagining these things can give jitters to the organizations. 

As a result of these problems, your entire strategic planning and reporting responsibilities go haywire. They can even create situations wherein you miss out big time on opportunities that can cost your organization upsells or even clients.  

Miscommunication and difficulty in creating useful data pools are other factors that can make you lose out on growth opportunities.  

Remember that the right customer success software lays a solid foundation for gathering insightful details to help you, your teams, and customers achieve success.  

While shopping for your customer success software, take a look at these possible things and if they are missing, never go for that software. 

7 essential things missing from your customer success software 

1. Lack of communication and engagement tracker 

The communication and engagement tracker feature keeps all your communication in one place. This feature works for both internal communications, i.e., communication between the employees of your company as well as external communication, i.e., communication with your customers. This system helps your employees access and track all relevant communication in a single portal instead of copying and adding a whole list of names in BCC tags in the emails. If your customer success software lacks the feature for communication and engagement tracker, things can go haywire anytime.

So, whenever you plan to purchase a customer success software ensure it has a communication and engagement tracker that keeps all communication arranged systematically in one place. If the software lacks the feature, then never go for it.

2. A real-time customer health tracker 

A real-time customer health tracker is the feature that collects all relevant data and shows easily accessible scores based on the aggregates. The relevant data includes essential things like customer engagement, direct and indirect feedback from customer usage, rate of successful platform usage by customers, adoption rate, etc. These data are essential for any business to gauge its customer satisfaction level. So, a customer success software without a real-time customer health tracker feature is of no use. Without this feature, you cannot calculate the rate of customer satisfaction you can generate.

Whenever you buy customer success software, make sure it has a real-time customer health tracker. Never ever go for a customer success software lacking this feature because it will simply be a waste of your money and time as well.

3. An effective customer journey planning 

Customer journey planning is an essential step for ensuring smooth interaction for your customers. A customer success platform without effective journey planning can cause lots of trouble n for your employees and ruin the customer experience. It is because a well-planned customer journey in customer success software ensures that your team delivers prompt, clear, and consistent customer experience regardless of where the customers are in their account relationship. You cannot expect your customers to be loyal to you if they do not get a prompt, clear, and consistent solution to their issues.

Before buying a customer success software, make sure that it is equipped with an effective customer journey planning mechanism. Without this feature, no customer success software can be said to be an effective one.

4. Effective management of revenue and upsell opportunity generation 

Revenue is one of the most important things for any business. All the efforts put into customer experience are for generating revenue and increasing the sell opportunities for the business. So, when we talk about customer success software, we cannot leave behind the discussion of revenue and upsell opportunity generation. A good customer success software must have a system for tracking account performances based on revenue metrics. This feature also helps in planning and preparation for renewal or upsell conversations.

So, whenever you compare different options for customer success software, do not miss to check for the feature of the management of revenue and upsell opportunity generation. A customer success software lacking this feature is not worth buying.  

5. Integrating with leading CRMs 

A customer success software must have compatibility with leading Customer Relationship Management software. This feature is imperative for enhancing and extending customer success and the sales team’s visibility and transparency. This tuning up of the customer success team and the sales team further helps in enhancing relationships between your customer and the account management team. Suppose you are a business owner or a responsible business executive. In that case, you do not need to explain why these tuning-ups are necessary for a better customer experience and your business growth.

While choosing a customer success software for your business, ensure that the software integrates well with the leading CRMs. Do not waste your hard-earned money on a customer success software that is not compatible with the leading CRMs in the market.

6. Product usage rates 

Without a doubt, you know the importance of knowing your product usage rate. A good customer success software must have the feature to make product usage rate directly available and accessible on its platform rather than on any separate product portal.

 Availability of product usage rate on customer success platform helps customer success manager to avail the details directly and have a clear idea about usage and engagement with your product. When a customer success manager has direct access to important metrics like this, it becomes easier for her to make further plans and increase the customer engagement rate for your business.

Before you pay for customer success software, make sure that the software provides product usage rates directly on the platform. If there is no such feature, you need to look further to other customer success software available in the market.  

7. Ill-defined organizational hierarchy 

It would help if you had customer success software that automatically syncs notes and updates to make them available in well-organized hierarchical order. If the software has no feature to define the organizational hierarchy, it will become very tough for your team members to collaborate. So, a feature of defining organizational hierarchy is necessary to ensure better collaboration among team members and thus a better customer experience.

If a customer success software has an ill-defined organizational hierarchy or lacks a feature like this, you must not buy that software. Always look for customer success software that defines organizational hierarchy to ensure better collaboration among your employees working for a better customer experience.

Give a fresh piece of wings to your organization with SmartKarrot 

Poorly kept data and unclear processes can make it extremely challenging for a customer success manager to handle teams. This results in slower growth for your business and a less than ideal experience for your customers.  

At SmartKarrot, we have specialized customer success software that enables your teams to communicate and cooperate within departments smoothly.  

It also alerts the CSMs whenever an account is about to churn, giving them adequate time to service those accounts before moving to the competitors.  

Your customers can enjoy far stronger client relationships with less frustration. And your customer’s success is your organization’s success.  

So, contact us today to see how SmartKarrot can effectively address all your customer journey touchpoints and manage the data efficiently.  

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