Enterprise Customer Success Software: 10 Must-Have Features

Enterprise Customer Success Software: 10 Must-Have Features

Getting customer success software? Here are the top ten such features that you should be looking at while making a worthy purchase. Read on to learn more.

Enterprise Customer Success
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Of the many words constituting the SaaS-niche dictionary, one with the most enriching vocabulary is customer success. A recent study by Gartner forecasted that the enterprise customer success industry will generate a yearly revenue of approximately $300 billion. With this, it seems difficult to grow as a SaaS business without customer success being a highly pertinent function of your industry.

Which brings us to this listicle endowed with the top 10 must-have features that an enterprise customer success software must consist of. Let us now look into each of these features in detail.

  1. Customer Onboarding 
  2. Customer Experience 
  3. Upsell and Cross-Sell
  4. The Right Metrics
  5. Customer Segmentation 
  6. Product Success
  7. Customer Engagement 
  8. Early Warning System
  9. 360 View of the Customer 
  10. Customer Health Score 

Customer Onboarding 

There is nothing like a well-designed and pre-strategized onboarding plan. Grab on to this first opportunity to receive immense traffic and deliver a stellar impression. Since customer onboarding is deemed as the foremost step, here you have the chance to set the tone for the rest of your future connection.

This is where your customers set an expectation from you. It is recommended not to promise beyond practicality at this stage and stick to reality.

Customer Experience 

The best part of an enterprise customer success software is how customizable is its customer experience. With this, it simmers down to retaining and engaging the customers at myriad touchpoints via super personalized interactions, that eventually convert into loyalty.  

Aside from this, some of the sub-features such as automated notifications, evaluation of user behavior, and user-friendly dashboard makes it fitting for a prospect. Note the simpler your design is, the simpler it becomes for your clients to delve into your system.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Having a feature like upsell and cross-sell gives you the heads up about expansion and growth. It is always better for a B2B SaaS company to get ahead and start developing.

Timely identification of optimized accounts via the help of upselling is a great way to do that. Also, early indicators and real-time reports allow the user to execute, catalog, and observe account expansions.

The Right Metrics

It is crucially important to measure your growth in numbers and figures. That is when using industry-wide standard metrics come into play. In the Customer Success niche, some of them are monthly recurring revenue (MRR), customer lifetime value (CLV), annual recurring revenue (ARR) or Churn Rate, etc.

These metrics can showcase the impact that you are making – good, bad, or ugly. These quantifiable numbers denote your expected revenue budget and is a measure that tests your progress with time.

Customer Segmentation 

Customer Segmentation - Enterprise Customer Success

With a feature like integrated customer segmentation, your day has just become easier. This will permit you to segment your clients in an automated manner. Not just that, you can easily generate more user groups by imbibing with their behavior forms, demographics, and other factors.

And for all of this, you don’t really have to code. Once these customer segments have been created, this will organically refresh and render you with the exact facets meeting your guidelines.

Product Success

How great would that be if you could evaluate the impact that your product has on your client’s business? Now make informed product decisions regarding flow funnels, heat maps, upgradations, and other milestones with a feature like product success.

Enabling the right enterprise customer success manager here would be even better, as, they can let you know how well the product has flared in the market.

Customer Engagement 

If you are wondering that once you have onboarded the customer, you are off the hook, you are sadly mistaken. In fact, your work starts now. Depending on the volume of your client base, you may dig into a high-touch or low-touch customer engagement model.

Further, this will help your customers to use your product or service efficiently. Regular interaction with your customer ensures that they are engaged well.

Early Warning System

It is of no surprise how vile the pangs of customer churn could be. Customer success early warning systems are designed in such a manner that they alert you whenever a user needs special attention. It can range from a customer with a deteriorating health aspect or can even be a cross-sell opportunity which is all set for renewal.

360 View of the Customer 

Enabling a 360 view of the customer empowers you to get 360-degree insight into your customer’s data. It gives you the opportunity to delve into their product usage, evaluate issues, access financial details and health points, task management, and emerging engagement trends. Over and above, you can filter, relevant data, and take necessary actions accordingly.

Customer Health Score 

For any customer success software, having a feature of customer health score is a must. With this, you can easily evaluate what percent of your customer base into segments. the scoreboard lets you know on a meter of weak, moderate, or strong. Further, you can use and trace it as an action initiator. 

Final Thoughts

It is a given that customer success platforms have groomed and grown over the years. With that, they have disseminated to go beyond the CRM tools which were once used in the past.

Deploy these top 10 features onto your software and garner the best of customer satisfaction and sentiment. Moreover, these features ensure that your customers are veering into the right track. And, they will help give you a reality check of how well you are performing in the market.

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