How SmartKarrot Low-Code/No-Code Customer Success Helps Deliver Value at Lightning Speed?

How SmartKarrot Low-Code/No-Code Customer Success Helps Deliver Value at Lightning Speed?

Here is our take on how SmartKarrot’s low-code and no-code customer success helps deliver value at lightning speed to our customers.

SmartKarrot Low-Code/No-Code Customer Success
SmartKarrot Low-Code/No-Code Customer Success

Low-code/No-code customer success has become a trendy topic, especially in the SaaS domain. Lots of B2B companies are trying to venture into no-code customer success. Even if they cannot entirely discard the application of codes on their customer success platforms, they are trying to ensure that their product is at least low-code so that they can derive more benefits from it. If you are new to the concept of low-code/no-code customer success, I suggest you visit our blog titled – Low/No-Code Customer Success: The Secret to Delivering Customer Value at the Speed of Business to get more information on this topic.

I assume that you have read my earlier blog which might have a bit of information about what I will talk about in this write-up. Many customer success companies have tried hard to venture into the territory of no-code customer success, but very few have tasted success. And those who could not win at first decided to opt for low-code customer success.

One such company that has tried to venture into this widely open territory is SmartKarrot. As a brand, when one talks about SmartKarrot, it is one of the effective customer success software companies across the globe.

When you glance at SmartKarrot’s customer success platform, you can sense that the company is regularly coming up with fresh updates. And one of the reasons for that is, SmartKarrot wishes to be amongst the best in the business of customer success. The low-code / no-code strategy of SmartKarrot solves a real, large problem for our customers.

Keeping that in mind, I am here to talk about how low-code/no-code customer success applies in the scheme of things for SmartKarrot.

For the convenience of all our users, I have divided this blog into two parts:

  1. No-code customer success – For customer success professionals
  2. Low-code customer success – For the customer’s technical team

Let me first talk about no-code customer success.

No-code customer success – For customer success professionals

SmartKarrot aims at making the lives of customer success professionals easier. It does that by ensuring that customer success professionals do not have to perform any coding activities while getting their mundane tasks done while using the software.


Software Integration

It is extremely easy for customer success professionals to choose integration, whether a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) like Salesforce, HubSpot, Chargebee, or Outlook. Since these configurations are on the UI, there is no technical intervention required for the customer success professional to get started with it.

The admins of the account at SmartKarrot can manage integrations with just administrative rights on their third-party applications. This means that customer success professionals can easily access the account without any hassle or need for technical knowledge.

The customer success professionals can easily integrate email access on SmartKarrot without inserting any code. Any non-technical person can work on this task and do it with absolutely zero fuss!

Customer success professionals can engage customers easily through email on SmartKarrot without putting in any code.

All in all, SmartKarrot’s customers get a full data warehouse together with business intelligence, analytics, and reporting solution – without having to go to the IT team and without writing a single line of code. The data warehouse – out of the box – integrates data regarding account health, finance, churn, task management, success plays, case management, and product and feature usage.

Selected SmartKarrot features layman can perform without coding expertise

Here are some selected SmartKarrot features that CS (Customer Success) professionals can perform without any coding expertise:

  • Dashboard
  • Segmentation
  • Success plays
  • Campaigns
  • Surveys

The dashboard of SmartKarrot is automatically set up. There is no need of any code required to get started. In fact, you will get the dashboard results automatically when you start using it.

SmartKarrot Dashboard
SmartKarrot Dashboard

Account segment is another area where there is no coding required. It is quite straightforward for the CS professionals to use this feature on SmartKarrot which you can see from the screenshot given below.

Account Segments
Account Segments

The user segment is another area where the CS professional does not require to do any kind of coding.

User Segment
User Segment

Even for the success plays, the CS professionals are not required to be a technical buff. Any layman can use this functionality on SmartKarrot platform.

Success Plays
Success Plays

The campaigns feature also does not require any manual coding. All the things are automatically set up for the CS professionals.


CS professionals can easily set up surveys on SmartKarrot without needing any technical compliance. You can see the screenshot of the survey feature on the platform as under.


The SmartKarrot dashboard, the segmentation based on accounts and users, success plays, campaigns, and surveys, can work without needing any coding required by the customer success professionals. All these details are automatically available in the tool to ensure that the customer success professionals have a wonderful time using these features to make the most of their mundane tasks.

Phases & Success Plays

Phases & Success Plays

Certain customers are in the journey phase, which needs to be moved from one phase to another by customer success professionals. For this, there is no need for coding without any technical intervention. They need to go to the UI and move the customer from one customer journey to another. They can even automate the customers from one phase to another. This can be done by any person who has no technical knowledge.

No code feature

These are some of the selected features of SmartKarrot where coding or technical knowledge is not required.

All in all, the entire workflow of the customer journey is something that the customer success professionals can easily automate on SmartKarrot without actually having to sit and work on the configurations. They can easily define workflow or even define the automation of the movement of the customer’s journey. All of this is possible on SmartKarrot without using any code or technical knowledge.

This is the area on SmartKarrot where no-code customer success prevails. In the next section, I will discuss areas where low-code customer success is required.

Low-code customer success – For the customer’s technical team

Although SmartKarrot aims to become a low code customer success company, there are still areas where a very minimal amount of coding is required to get things done. But the good news is this low-code customer success needs to be performed by the technical team of the customers who acquire the services of SmartKarrot.

Here are some of the areas where low-code customer success is required on SmartKarrot:

No system to read the data that needs to be passed for integration

Integration is one of the easiest things that can be done on SmartKarrot. But there are times when the customer does not have the CRM where the data resides. This is where we provide that script to the customer’s technical team. Then we give access to the library to push that data.

SmartKarrot Script Library

Access product success console on SmartKarrot

Access product success console on SmartKarrot

When the customer success professionals need to access the product success console on SmartKarrot, they need My Event’s data. This needs to be pushed through a piece of code in the library that must be installed on the customer’s application. The customer success team cannot carry out this activity. This requires intervention by the customer’s technical team – the people who maintain the application. Hence, there is a bit of dependency on the customer’s technical team when accessing the product success console on SmartKarrot.

Final Words

As you can see, SmartKarrot has graduated to another level in a very short span of time. Low code / No code customer success has never been ventured by any other customer success company before. This makes SmartKarrot a pioneer in low code / no code. In the coming years, we will surely want to strengthen our position as a leading no-code/low-code customer success company.

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