How a Customer Success Platform Can Be Your Single Source of Truth

A single source of truth (SSOT) is a manner in which you can make data accessible to your staff and employees across an organization. It permits them to use unified data emerging from multiple apps or streams into a single data point, all at the same time, irrespective of their team. Moreover, it

Single Source of Truth
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A single source of truth (SSOT) is a manner in which you can make data accessible to your staff and employees across an organization. It permits them to use unified data emerging from multiple apps or streams into a single data point, all at the same time, irrespective of their team.

Moreover, it is deemed as a must-have for enabling stellar insights onto your company. With the source of truth data in place, the marketers tend to have a holistic view that will help them unearth standpoints and outlooks that weren’t found up till now. Read on to know more about SSOT examples and benefits. Here is what we will be delving into today:

  • The Definition of Single Source of Truth 
  • The Benefits of Single Source of Truth
  • How can Smartkarrot be your SSOT?
    1. 360 View of the Customer
    2. Customer Segmentation 
    3. Customer Health Score
    4. Customer Survey 

The Definition of Single Source of Truth 

Although there is no such single source of truth definition that fits into the textbook, it is seen more as the fulcrum that each of the businesses can rely on to find solid data from a unified point of contact. A SaaS business is a data-driven business.

And for any of these businesses, garnering and probing data is crucially important. In such a case, it becomes cumbersome to collect data when it resides in diverse sources. That is when focusing on an SSOT comes into play.

The Benefits of Single Source of Truth

  • Reduces Errors: Often when a company does not finance itself with one source of truth, it becomes vulnerable to silly errors and blunders. With the journey of making data available to all, they end up filling the information manually that gives room for a lot of errors. But when they enable an SSOT, such mistakes take a backseat from occurring.
  • Easy Access: With a single source of truth in place, all the users have undeniable access to the dashboard. You no longer have to depend on the data analysts or software engineers to dig up data for you. Further, you say goodbye to the prolonged waiting time to get your desired outcomes. You can now easily have access to all the data at your fingertips. And that too, any time you wish to.
  • Interpret Data: There is always a difference between what your data looks like and what it actually articulates. An SSOT ensures that the decision-makers have the right to garner, focus, and examine data from all across the operational cases. Then it becomes really easy to filter out the relevant data and deduce it from the analytics.

How can Smartkarrot be your SSOT?

Say Hello to Smartkarrot, a leading customer success platform. It helps integrate customer experienceproduct success, and to automate engagement in digital platforms. Further, it ensures that all of your data is guarded consistently with no loss to you at all.

It believes in a customer-first approach and that employee success coincides with the principles of customer success. It’s strength, sincerity, and customer-centric approach has led to the stage it is today amidst its competitors.

360 View of the Customer

Smartkarrot’s tool, 360 view of the customer empowers you to get a holistic insight into your customer’s data. Grab all your facts and figures in this single dashboard that includes the profile of your clients, product usage, financial details, task management, and emerging engagement trends.

Single Source of truth - SmartKarrot - 360 View of the Customer

Further, you can configure the dashboard widgets to create a significant and dynamic view that is tailored to your demands. Here, you can observe your client’s data by phases, sections, or CSMs. Additionally, you can set alerts for a customer’s portfolio or account. On top of that, you can filter, relevant data, and take necessary actions accordingly. 

Customer Segmentation 

With the help of exceptional customer segmentation, your day has just become simpler. It will permit you to make automatic actions. Over and above, you can easily form more user assemblies by imbibing with their behavior forms, demographics, and other factors, for which you don’t really have to code.

SmartKarrot - Customer Segmentation

Once these customer segments have been created, this will organically refresh and render you with the exact facets of meeting your guidelines. Rest assured; you will find all your account segments covered here.

Customer Health Score

It is a given that one size does not fit all. In a few simple clicks, you can charge weights across varied facets and create a customer health score dashboard that works for you. Further, you can use and trace it as an action initiator. Get to know if the account is weak, moderate, or strong by the highly efficient tool that does it for you. 

SmartKarrot- Customer Health Score

Customer Survey 

Now, it is possible to buy convenience with Smartkarrot’s customer survey option. From cumbersome surveys to simple pulse feedbacks – you can seamlessly configure all of it. Gone are the days when you had to persuade your clients to get themselves out of your ecosystem for providing feedback. You can have it right here, right now.

SmartKarrot - Customer Survey

With this, you can manage client usage behavior from the various other phases as well, right from onboarding to the final stage of advocacy. Over and above, its easy-to-use arrangements permit you to customize all facets of your feedback process as per the given rules and norms.

Final Thoughts

The single source of truth is the need of the hour if you wish to break through this rampant cut-throat competition. It cuts down the need to rely on any professional support or wait for long hours. In this article, we also discussed how you can make Smartkarrot your friend and bid goodbye to these issues.14

Trust it, as it fully accomplishes and completely automates the method of not only pulling in your data from myriad sources but also transforming it into a polished and analysis-ready form. Get your free demo today itself and take your business to greater heights.

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