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Shivani Chaturvedi

Episode 50


February 12, 2024


Nainesh Poojary

Head of Customer Success - APAC


Shivani Chaturvedi


Shivani Chaturvedi


Terez Tocheva

Chief Marketing Officer


Jan Young

Senior Consultant, Customer Success

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Excerpt from Episode 3


Jul 12, 2021

Common CS Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Organizations tend to make similar mistakes while hiring for Customer Success. You can avoid them with hiring insights from recruiting partners and by understanding wider market trends.


Alan Fecamp, Founder, Just Digital

Excerpt from Episode 2


Jun 30, 2021

The Key Questions Every Customer Success Leader Must Answer

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Every Customer Success Leader must answer some strategic questions for their company, customers, team, and themselves. Being able to successfully answer these questions is a make-or-break, yet learnable, leadership skill.


Marty Kaufman

Excerpt from Episode 5


May 19, 2021

Customer Success Is about Being a Trusted Advisor

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Customer Success should be a trusted advisor to customers so that internal champions continue to evangelize for you across roles and turnover.


Jennifer Chiang

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May 18, 2021

The Difference between Business Intelligence and Customer Intelligence

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In contrast to business intelligence, which is inward facing, customer intelligence centers on customer value. This influences how you structure your data, reporting, dashboards, and even teams.


Rick Adams

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