Trends in E-commerce Customer Engagement

E-commerce companies are competing on all fronts to gain a competitive advantage and grow their customer base. With, Customer Lifetime [..]

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3 Ways To Deal With High App Uninstall Rate

After putting a lot of effort in making users install the app, most apps struggle to keep the users engaged resulting in a high uninsta[..]

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Best Practices For Conducting In-App Surveys

Why let your users exit and go to external browser to fill the survey when you can capture feedback within the app itself. Read on to f[..]

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How Does SmartSegmentation Work?

Every app user behaves differently and has unique preferences. Here’s how you can use SmartKarrot’s SmartSegmentation feature to in[..]

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5 Steps To Launch Your Referral Programs

Today, consumers are more likely to make purchasing decisions based on word-of-mouth referrals rather than traditional advertising. Her[..]

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What Affects Your App Engagement Score?

People often consider only basic metrics like visits, clicks, or time spent for calculating engagement score of an app. SmartKarrot tak[..]

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