15 Mobile App Metrics To Track in 2019

In the present times, consumer purchasing decisions are integrally tied to the customer experience (CX). This experience is heavily dominated by customers’ pr[..]

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How to Boost Revenues From Your Mobile App

“Mobile apps are anticipated to generate around $189 million by 2020. – Statista.” Be it to connect with friends, play games, listen to their favourit[..]

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How To Improve In-App Engagement With SmartKarrot and Increase App Revenues

Image Credit Getting your app to stand out from the millions of apps that continue to unprecedentedly grow daily is definitely a challenging task. Improving app[..]

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10 Mobile App Strategies to Drive Customer Retention

Customer retention is the glory of any business. However, it is not an easy deal. There are strategies to execute to see that these visitors are made to stay as[..]

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10 Reasons Why A Healthcare App Developer Requires A Better Customer Segmentation Plan

Image Credit What Is Customer Segmentation? Customer segmentation involves taking a broad group of target customers and segregating them into smaller group[..]

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Top 10 Ways To Get Actionable Feedback From Your Customers

Image Credit Customer feedback is indeed one of the main drivers of business growth. These days, businesses are taking advantage of every chance to talk to the [..]

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