Why Is It Important To Have An Incentive Program For Better In-App Engagement?

Image Credit Most app creators and owners believe that user acquisition is the only metric they should focus on to determine the success of their apps. However,[..]

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Mobile Product Management Trends of 2019

If there’s one thing that keeps product managers always on their toes, inarguably it’s the challenge and pressure of attaining product-market fit for their [..]

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Personalized Consumer Experience: Way to Higher Revenues & Loyalty

A very big reason why successful brands are really successful is because ‘they always put their consumers first’. These brands go to great lengths to monito[..]

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How personalization makes your marketing results better

Long gone are the days when just using traditional means of mass advertising such as TV commercials, radio announcements, newspaper advertisement etc were enoug[..]

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What is SmartKarrot and how it can help drive your mobile app engagement?

Two years ago, the mobile app development business was one of the top 10 trends for startups. More than a million applications have been submitted on Android an[..]

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